Pool Operators scripts to help you manage your node (+ guide)

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve released a set of scripts (plus a guide on the side) to manage a node, feel free to use and share :slightly_smiling_face: Feedback greatly appreciated. Forgive the royal plural, it just works best on twitter. I are a team :stuck_out_tongue:


The following are written for the current Cardano node architecture, and will be updated and adapted to the newly announced Haskell version, as soon as we will have migrated to it and tested it on our pool.

jor_wrapper and node_helpers are a set of scripts to help pool operators manage their nodes . These spun off Chris G “.bash_profile”. They have been ported to bash (scripts) , with improvements over some of the commands, with some adaptations to the NACG guide setup, and with the addition of new features as well.

Not Another Cardano Guide is written with experienced users in mind. Things like creating a GitHub account, creating and using a pair of ssh keys, are a given. If you think you need help with those - there’s nothing wrong with it - you should refer to Chris’s guide for newbs.

NACG won’t reinvent the wheel either, and it will point you to IOHK’s offcial guide and scripts , when it’s time to create, fund, and register your pool.

IMPORTANT: I was compelled to release early, and AS IS, because of the Haskell announcement. Hence, the scripts are tailored to the guide I wrote for now. I will be adding full compatibility with Chris G guide in the next couple of days, so that users that have followed his guide could also use them with no modifications.

Follow the white rabbit to learn about them, and for future updates. We hope that they can be helpful to you.


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Awsome thank you very much!