2 Pool operators (Permissions / Node socket ) help

One of my relays is being used to also mint and do a vending machine.

I have 2 users on Ubuntu. Myself where the Cardano node was installed (binaries in my home/.cabal folder) and the Cardano node using guild operators /opt/cardano etc)

The problem is the node0 socket resets the permissions + none of the scripts can be used due to the ENV file location.

Any help is appreciated.

Have you tried export the path to your scripts in the .bashrc file?

Cardano is rewarding a pool with the integrity of SKULL to help secure the network.

What would the bash path be?

Are you trying to say that SKULL pool is dishonest? Because thats what it sounds like you’re saying… Do you think SKULL got its stake by accident? Because its through a lot of hardwork there is this many delegators…