My #POOLNAME value is blank in my env file

Should I set that to an actual name or is it a pathing reference to the node files?

only if the node is the BP and if u are using cntools

but check first on glive if the node is running as a CORE MAINNET or Relay MAINNET

It is a BP Node and running coincashew no CNTOOLS

then is fine, should be empty… and as u can see the node is running as PRODUCER already

The relay has more IN peers? If yes, everything is OK with the pool

Okay thank you! Finally got a decent delegation to my pool after over a year and just sanity checking everything is running fine haha :slight_smile:

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to be sure everything is ok, run cncli (steps on coincashew guide) to check for the upcoming blocks

So i did that and during the command for some reason my node fully crashed and had to rebuild the entire db and re-sync. I have not attempted since then out of fear lol

I read that my swap needs to be bigger so I upped it by 10 GBs and have not attempted since then.

This command froze for a while then node fully crashed and had to rebuild db

SNAPSHOT=$(/usr/local/bin/cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --stake-pool-id $MYPOOLID --mainnet)

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Any feedback @Alexd1985 as to why this may have happened?

If the node crash when u run cncli then its related with RAM, what is the hardware configuration?