Scripts to make life easier

I have uploaded my scripts that i made for myself so i can follow the exercises. You can give it a try, it’s now almost to easy, with automated kes period calculation and so on. Feedback welcomed, but don’t be to harsh. :joy: Made it not for a bullet proof public use.


I know we’ve discussed this before , but one of the reason for creating community hosted scripts was to avoid duplicating efforts, might be worth collaborating and spending time to add missing features - if any - than hosting 10 copies across different accounts and websites.


So, updated it to support cardano-node version 1.14.0 and the metadata stuff… :slight_smile:

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Update for using it with 1.14.x or 1.14.2 is live since yesterday.

It is now possible to register multiple relays. You can mix and match relay types IP(IPv4,IP4) and DNS named ones. The script also allowes the usage of the types IP6/IPv6 and MULTISRV to support the multihost parameter combined with a SRV dns entry for multiple relays. The last two types (IPv6 and MULTISRV) are not fully supported by the chain/tools right now. But registration on the chain is working.

I also updated the on the github page with examples on how to use multiple relays.

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This an old thread, scripts are still alive and updated to mainnet. If you wanna start making your own pool, take a look at them. Best regards, Martin