Setup cheatsheet for Cardano nodes (1.29.0 supported)

Dear Cardano community,

After 5 wonderful and hardworking months as a SPO, I’ve compiled this cheatsheet to setup Cardano nodes (Relays and BPs) using cntools. This document also includes commands needed to successfully configure version 1.29.0 for the Alonzo hard fork (special thanks to @Alexd1985 [CHRTY]). Aside from my personal scripts to enhance the security in my servers, I’ve used the excellent content provided by staking pool operators of our community as source of inspiration. Please consider delegating some ADA to them if possible (Tickers listed in the resource section).

Please remember to download the PDF file from my GitHub repository to be able to access the links and to use the table of content in the cheatsheet.

Hope you find this useful and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help!

Best regards,
Vito Melchionna
SPO of GranADA_Staking_Pool [GRANA]


Awesome, it looks great … bravo
You should post it on forum :muscle:


Thank you Alex! I thought this was the forum, or is there another platform I should know of?

I wanted to say u should post your fancy guide here… as a new topic… how to build a POOL or something like that…as I did…


Problem is you can’t copy any of these commands without downloading pdf and pdf isnt that quick at copying and creates bad copy/paste sometimes.

One thing I would add is how to make regular backups, as I do not know what service to use for that yet. Ive just been making a boot disk. But over all a clean guide.

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Great idea! I’ll do so

Great input. I’ll add this important commands and will change the document for a different approach. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks how to do snapshots would be very helpful right now, using clonezilla at the moment which requires shutting off the servers. @Alexd1985 just FYI. I’ve extended the document with a backup section and uploaded it as a .md document on my Github repository. I also created a new thread on the forum so that new staking pools operators can find it more easily How to set up a Cardano staking pool for 1.29.0 (CNTools)

@granada-pool This is great!
Suggestion: Another thing I would add, which, I think would help others is which keys, certs, addr files, tx files, json files that get generated during setting up keys and stake pool registration steps should remain on hot env and removed after done / moved to cold env.
Starting out that is not clearly stated and since it is a crucial step it could make new comers nervous. none of the guides I have read clearly state what to do with some of those files after the “job is done.”

Thank you for taking the effort to put this up for the community! Much appreciate!


Great suggestion! I’ll extend this section accordingly as soon as possible.

Detailed and thorough guide overall! My notes look like scraps compared to this.
Thank you for this documentation :sunglasses:

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¡Gracias @granada-pool! I was just setting up a pool myself and this is exactly what I needed!

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