Introducing stablepool [STBL]

Introducing [STBL] Cardano Stake Pool – supplying stable staking to the cardano blockchain

Name: StablePool
Ticker: STBL
Saturation: 0%
Live Stake: 19.67k ₳
Active Stake: 19.67k ₳
Pledge: 500 ₳
Margin: 5%
Fixed Cost: 340 ₳

I’m a quantum physicist just finishing my phd who administrated computers for 6 years. I’m fascinated with how the Cardano blockchain solves the double spending problem. To advance decentralization and to develop a security script for your pools I decided to host with StablePool my own stake pool.

Security is the first concern. This is why stablepool provides articles on cardanojournal for safe Cardano usage.
Furthermore stablepool is offering the first node-security script checking your pool for key settings: A Cardano-Node security script - pool_check

Pool infrastructure:
The core node and relay node are running each on a separate strato server with 100% uptime, 8GB Ram, 8 cores and SSD’s for fast data access. Stablepool uses 100% green energy certified by the green energy label supported by many NGO’s in germany:

The pool_check script will be extended in the future to be cron’ed and automatically tell pool operators if someone is meddling with their pool setup. This will be achieved by calculating the hash of a safe-considered setup printed by pool_check. If the new hash changes - you know someone has modified your pool. Additionally articles on cardanojournal will provide users with safety considerations.

Stake with us for secure Cardano operation :slight_smile:


Nice introduction! Good luck with your pool!

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The first update for pool_check has just been pushed to GitHub:

Now it features hourly (or less, defined in cron) tests on:
is cardano-node running?
is the load average of my server too high?
did my server configuration change?

If it does:
you can specify an email adress that receives an error message so you know someone is messing with your server or cardano node crashed

The script is 100% pure bash - so it’s compatible along Linux and readable - check for yourselves :slight_smile:

More info can be found in the thread: A Cardano-Node security script - pool_check

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Due to the recent uptrend in price the margin of stablepool was reduced to 2% and will stay at 2% or lower for the future.

Just upgraded the pool to 16 GB of RAM

margin reduced to 0.5%