Using a smart contract as the Reward Wallet

I am looking to setup a stake pool, where the SPO rewards are distributed based on rules defined on a smart contract. Any chances that we can set a smart contract to govern the SPOs rewards?
(e.g. Give a certain address the right to claim x% from the rewards of the SPO’s rewards)

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Looking for the same.
Are there any examples to get going?

I don’t know of examples. The command cardano-cli transaction build --withdrawal-script-file would let delegators redeem their rewards according to the contract. It looks like cardano-cli stake-address build doesn’t support scripts yet, so you’d have to build the script address manually.

Although you could use a smart contract as a credential for this, the contract might need to be pretty elaborate or expensive if many addresses were involved. It would also have to be tested very thoroughly on testnet before even considering deploying it on mainnet—a bug in the contract might lose or lock a lot of funds.