Introducing Smart Stake SMART - transparent, professional, & feature rich pool

Hi Everyone

This is BigB from Smart Stake. I have been following the Cardano project for 3+ years now. Exciting times ahead. Happy to be a contributor to the ecosystem.

Smart Stake is a transparent, professional, and feature rich staking service provider. We provide staking service with real-time performance assessment & analytics tools for the ecosystem. We are providing validation services in 5 other projects. We differentiate ourselves in providing intuitive analytics for the community to understand all aspects of the network, pools, and rewards.

Here are the pool details:
Ticker: SMART
Pledge: 20k ADA
Fixed Fee: 340
Variable Fee/Margin - 2.9% (will never exceed that)
Contact: Telegram & Twitter @SmartStake
Pool ID: 3f4cb28fc23e50fe35a531858a8d5c29a2a539235822551e42266b92
Location: Toronto, Canada

Pool infrastructure: data-center hosted servers with recommended specs.

Pool Monitoring: We will build real-time pool health monitoring tool & make it available for everyone to see. We will also be deploying an alert tool to alarm us in case the pool is not operating efficiently.

Operator experience: 20+ years of experience in software development and 1 year of experience in providing staking service. Successfully maintaining 99.9%+ uptime in all chains.

Why should users check out your pool? : We provide a quality service focused on 100% uptime and maximizing rewards for our delegates. We also provide transparent view into our server health. We build custom analytics tools for the community. Lastly, we also have dedicated support available in Telegram & are reachable in Twitter/Reditt/Discord.

Like our offering? Please consider staking with us.

Happy staking!

BigB /


Changed fee to 0.9% fee. Fee will remain as-is for 6 months and will never exceed 2.9%.

Check us out at