Introducing Cardano Cafe [CAFE]

Dear Community,

Welcome to Cardano Cafe!


Please come in, sit back and relax and enjoy your freshly infused cup of cardano-coffee roasted by Cardano Cafe. We are a cozy stake pool and our commitment is running one of the safest staking pools of the worldwide Cardano Network!

When following node setup blogs we often notice that many stake-pool-vms are hosted by the big-5-internet-companies. We ask ourselves if this leads to centralization when basically most of the nodes are within the same data centers?

Cardano Cafe is a truly decentralized Cardano Staking Pool by hosting our own dedicated servers without relying on the few big internet-companies which host most of the network nodes! We are a small team of passionate software engineers who deploy their own servers and who are doing their best to deliver one of the best staking pool performances.

Our goal is to help Cardano’s Blockchain being one of the top-leaders of Cryptocurrencies! A huge decentralization is as important as the Cardano Network offering a wide variaty of different stake pools.

Therefore Cardano Cafe not only offers its own staking pool, it also aims to collect information in a Knowledge Base to help other people setup their own staking pools. You are stuck at one point? Have a look at our Knowledge Base - hopefully this helps in solving your problem (please note that we still need to add a lot of content to this page).

We are a newly created pool with few pledge. With the first blocks created we would like to increase our pledge continously by using the collected rewards. We are an unsaturated pool right now and are looking forward to serving our first customers. You like coffee, ada and staking? We hope to see you in our Cardano Cafe!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us! We are here to help other SPOs to create their first Cardano Staking Pool.

Ticker: Cardano Cafe [CAFE]
Pool ID: 5b60373e718a3647ec57f610b9942f91286748ddeaa0ad226acb927b
Pledge: 10.000 ADA
Fee: 2% + 340 ADA (minimum)


Great introduction! Good luck with your pool!

Like the intro and webpage, i’m looking forward to seeing your project evolve and prosper
Currently doing the ‘how to set up a pool’ (never done anything like this before so a bit slow on progress !!!) i will be in touch as your website looks inviting in offering help :+1:

Kind Regards

I am happy to announce that [CAFE] CardanoCafe has minted its first block.
To show our gratitude to all our delegators we more than doubled our pledge. :fireworks:

The cozy CardanoCafe enjoys serving cups of freshly roasted ADA - to you! :slight_smile: :coffee:


Congratulations! Hard work pays!

Great stuff, congratulations Cafe :+1:

Dear community,

thanks to all of you.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce CardanoCafe’s new website and its new Automated Saturation Notification (ASN) feature.


Automated Saturation Notification
You would like to receive maximum possible rewards from staking all the time? You have delegated cardano to different stake pools and are worried about them reaching their saturation peak without noticing it?

Saturated Pools do not receive the maximum possible reward of ADA. This leads delegators staking at saturated pools to shift their delegation to smaller non-saturated pools. In case you try to achieve highest possible rewards all the time you have to monitor cardano’s stake pools continously to avoid reduced rewards from (over-)saturated pools.

Our ASN-feature sends a notification to you via mail once our pool hits it saturation peak so that you can shift your ADA to other non-saturated pools and gain maximum possible rewards all the time . Go to Getting Started and subscribe to ASN with your mail address.

We at CardanoCafe appreciate new delegators and do our best to serve freshly roasted ADA to you! :slight_smile:

Wow, this is great!

Good Evening everyone,
we’re happy to announce that the pledge of CardanoCafe was increased to 100k. At the same time, we reduced the fee to 0% + 340 ADA. That’s the lowest fee a pool can have.
We’re also working on a new projects page at our website. We will release this page for publicity latest end of november. So stay tuned!
We wish you all the best and happy staking at CardanoCafe!

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Dear Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all delegators who have remained loyal to CardanoCafe in this long dry spell: Tonight, CardanoCafe found the third block and we are happy to share the maximum amount of reward to you, since we have reduced the fees to the minimum possible (0% + 340 ADA).
I’m looking forward to coming blocks that lie ahead of us - but most of all I’m looking forward to you delegators who support the CardanoCafe stake pool! :coffee: :slight_smile:

  • We don’t want to belong to any guild or alliance that contradicts the idea of ​​decentralization
  • We are an independent, straightforward stake pool which is passionate to support the best cryptocurrency in the world!
  • We think it is important that every stake pool operator builds and administrates his stake pool in best effort and in that way he enjoys it: someone wants to build a stake pool with a Raspberry Pi? Perfect! Someone want to build the world’s most remote stake pool in Antarctica? Great! Someones wants to setup a unique stake pool in every single room of your house? Have fun!
  • A good, healthy ecosystem is characterized by a huge diversity! And that’s exactly what makes it tough!
  • We want to be reliable, open-minded and straightforward to you and the community; In the coming weeks I will publish a small “about”-section on the website that gives an insight into the CardanoCafe and the team behind. :wink:
  • We are happy to be part of Cardano and are looking forward to the coming years with you and the Cardano community! :coffee: :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: :coffee:

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By visiting CardanoCafe’s new projects page , you can read for what purpose CardanoCafe has collected more than 3,000 EUR and:

  • how I share the rewards
  • how I support other people
  • how you can be part of this contribution

Enjoy! :coffee: :grinning:

hi guys!

Just want to say great website and kudos for your efforts in giving back to the community. Your ways are great inspiration!

All the best,


New block found! Thanks to all delegators who support CardanoCafe! :grinning: :coffee:

We’re happy to approach the 5th block soon!

Step in, take a seat - we would love to serve a cup of freshly roasted ADA to you! :coffee:

The delegation to our pool (CAFE) is growing nicely, we’re building a well supported staking pool, with really good technical skills and technology. A fixed amount is to going to 3 wonderful projects that will benefit the environment/wildlife and help towards making a better future for all of us.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of CardanoCafe (CAFE). We’re happy to have minted finally the 5th block.
I also published a guide about how to setup prometheus and grafana on a separate monitoring machine today:
I hope this is helpful for other SPOs who are part of the best crypto cummunity!
:doughnut: :cookie: :moon_cake: :cake: :pie:

I am looking forward to our 10th block!

CardanoCafe :coffee: :grinning:

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Dear Cardano Community,

We had our best epoch so far by minting 3 blocks in epoch 232! We are happy and would like to thank all our loyal delegators for their awesome support!

To celebrate we give away 100 ADA welcome bonus for every new 10k+delegator until December 6th. PM me via telegram in case you would like to enjoy your freshly infused cup of ADA rewards!

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It’s finally there: Our 10th block! Thanks to all our delegators for your loyal support!

:grinning: :coffee: :champagne:


We wish success to all other small stake pools out there! Be confident and patient: United we build the ecosystem of world’s best cryptocurrency Cardano! :rocket: :smiley: :coffee:

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Congratulations CardanoCafe :clap:

Enjoying a nice cup of freshly ground Block 10 :blush:

Dear Cardano Community,

During the last weeks, I reworked the design of CardanoCafe’s website: now, you can enjoy a detailed view of our stake pool statistics and also the organizations I support. I am excited that we are moving towards Block 1000!

In total, CardanoCafe powers three stake pools: [CAFE], [CAFE2] and [CAFE3]. All of them share the same vision and goals: They take part in the ecosystem of world’s best cryptocurrency and strive to support charity organizations and associations that support three key aspects of our world: mankind, nature and wildlife.

At our website, you can view the saturation levels of each pool in realtime and also enjoy detailed statistics about each pool. The automated saturation notification service alerts you automatically via email if one pool exceeds a saturation level of 100% . This way you can lean back and do not need to monitor the saturation levels by yourself.

At the projects-page you can easily see what organizations I support and how much I spend to them. With your delegation to CardanoCafe you can easily be a part of it!

I want to be clear, transparent and open-minded at all times, therefore you can easily view the yearly reports of my contributions to each organization. If you have any questions about my contributions please feel free contact me. I am happy to help.

I welcome you as a delegator of CardanoCafe and am happy to serve freshly brewed cups of ADA-rewards to you! :smiley: :coffee: :doughnut:

Yours Chris,
Founder and Administrator of Cardanocafe!

Reworked the Gettings Started Page:

You have wondered how the coffee machines of CardanoCafe look like? :wink: Here they are:


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Founded in the beginning of this year, the Cardano Stake Pool [CAFE2] is happy to look back at its 100th Block! 119 Delegators and their Active Stake of 4.5 Million ADA got rewarded by [CAFE2].

I would like to take this opportunity and thank all delegators who enjoy the service of our Stake Pools!
CardanoCafe will continue to do its best in operating a reliable infrastructure of servers to provide a steady passive income for you. By delegating your ADAs to CardanoCafe you benefit from a reliable partner at your side which loves to roast your blocks with passion and which supports projects in three keys aspects in our world: mankind, nature and wildlife! All the electricity CardanoCafe uses comes from 100% renewable energy sources. At the moment, CardanoCafe operates 7 relays to provide best redundancy - and additional relays are getting prepared!

You’re still looking for a Stake Pool? Why not have a look at [CAFE2]? Powered by 0% fees, this is a Stake Pool which gives great returns!

Thanks for your delegation! It’s great to see you as a a part of CardanoCafe! Enjoy your cup of ADA-rewards!