Victor Frankenstein Time

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I went to see how the ITN has been doing and have discovered that no one seems to be running a node. Not even IOHK, Emurgo, or the Cardano Foundation.

The CEO of IOHK has been focused far too much on ETC which has lead to the neglect of the TestNet.

We all understand that Cardano must be interoperable so it makes sense to reach out to other blockchains do the fact that there is not a single person focused on the Canary network AKA the TestNet is appalling.

No Ambassador, or any community member has been focused on the state of the ITN. Without the TestNet Cardano development will be how it always has been. Frustratingly slow.

Life is too short.

I have bought a Rock Pi and will begin to bring the TestNet back from the dead.

Honestly Charles it is one thing to work with a project it is another thing to completely obsess with a project that has had no development nor drive to progress.

ETC is like your fist kid. We get it. Do this kid is a fool who refuses to take into account anything you propose.

You will have to fork ETC due to their foolishness.

There have been numerous blockchain projects that have emulated the Cardano ITN and at times they seem like they are copy and paste projects.

The Cardano ITN is an excellent tool that will bring DAPPS to market in a faster and safer way by testing them out first.

All DAPP developers need to see if there are any errors in the code.

I hope that this has inspired some community members to join me in giving life once again to the ITN.

All the operators are chasing profits which is understandable, but we also must focus on rapid development and deployment of DAPPS.

Join me and together we will bring forth the revolution!

Viva le filet de test incité!

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”
― Mary Shelley―


Don’t know whether you’ll be successful but I admire your spirit! :+1: :+1: :+1: :grin:

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Join the movement.

Thanks for the invite but I gave up doing techy stuff a while back, makes my head ache these days! :smile:

lol no problem. Spread the word around.

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What projects have emulated the Cardano ITN? Do you mean the forked the code and created their own chain?

xDAI Chain has their testnet out. It is possible to stake and get rewards. You can take your rewards to the Ethereum main chain with thereby monetizing rewards. xDAI has only been in the market since May. Cardano was the first to do an ITN. Have not looked at the code so do not know if it is similar to Cardano or a fork do they are running their own ITN right now.

xDAI Chain Block Explorer

It just tells you that incentives matter. Meanwhile, people will preferably choose to work on Shelley Mainnet and associated haskell testnets. That may be more relevant to them, as even if those testnets are not incentivized, their horizons are clearer and feed directly into mainnet operations.