Cardano vs Polkadot: an unbiased comparison | EP14 | Understanding Cardano

Thanks for the the overview
In regards to your comment re: ITN and Kusama
If the general consensus from others is the same as yours, that Kusama offers some serious benefits, maybe we should propose another vote on continuing ITN? (if thats still possible)
We have so many good things happening with Cardano surely the ITN would provide a great service?
From memory the ITN vote seemed more than a bit rushed and voting process was definitely in need of improvement, my impression was, the need to get a vote done, over powered the need to do the vote properly, with all pro’s and con’s fully explored and each participant aware of how and when to actually vote.
Can anyone remember the actual total or % turn-out ?
Also would appreciate someone with more technical skills to offer a view, i’m always interested in the facts and rationale from each side of the debate.


Agree. The ITN shouldn’t have ended in my opinion. It could have become it’s own network. We will see what the future holds.

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Thank you for doing this review. As a person new to Cardano, I would be interested if someone could shed some light on this:

  • State of development

    • Dot is fully functional vs. Cardano (which obviously with the release of Goguen will take us a step closer to the goal. My question is, how fully functional is Dot compares to Cardano, especially since Cardano has a head start? Is Cardano just implemented differently with different focus? Is there a “shortcut” i.e. missing features on Dot development that allows them to release faster?
  • ITN vs. Kusama

  • Would be interested to find out the thought process or what really happened? How successful is Kusama especially using ‘real’ money during testnet? Would be interested to see an in depth discussion on the pros and cons for both approaches academically/practically?


I have read the cardano project ambition is to replace bitcoin once when its fully ready. I also read the coin is one of the best when discussing quality of code and technical backup. It only takes longer besause everything is hardly backtested. I also disagree with focus to Africa or Japan. It just became true only that 90% of tokens is owned by Japan people and reason is probably the one they see opportunity to make money. I really believe it can make 3-5USD in 2021 and 20USD next year is also possible and real based vision.