Voting & delegation questions

  1. Where’s the whitepaper? has a “coming soon” message o_O.
  2. How will ballots be formed/submitted?
  3. Will there be a cost to submitting a ballot?
  4. Time constraint on them? How do we prevent rushing a ballot through?
  5. Will there be a requirement of % participation in order for a measure to pass?

Finally a thought/idea:
I love that I can delegate my vote to a group I trust, BUT there is potential for there to be MANY types of measures. Perhaps on environmental issues, I’d like to delegate my vote to group A, for Cardano development, I’d like to delegate my vote to IOHK, for scientific research, I’d like to delegate my vote to some institution, etc.

What if we had a way to categorize ballots AND delegate accordingly? Is this yet another problem solved by sidechains?

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Interesting thoughts and questions.
Hopefully involved researchers like Philipp Kant and Bingsheng Zhang can shed some light on this, even if the roadmap shows it on early stage (20%) at the moment.

Btw: There was two other question regarding the voting system