[Wallet API] Sending ADA to multiple accounts under same transaction hash?


Check the following transaction from cardano explorer https://cardanoexplorer.com/tx/1d7041f5557730911c69d2b4cabf9972a476b0e29898deb50410f2732eb5b8d4

we can see that we are sending to two different addresses some amount. But i can’t see a way to send ADA to different accounts under the same transaction hash I am referring these wallet specs https://cardanodocs.com/technical/wallet/api/#/

Only this method is there, POST /api/txs/payments/{from}/{to}/{amount} which shows only one transaction can be submitted at a time ?

Is this will do ? POST /api/txs/payments/{address}/{transaction}

I couldn’t swear to it, but I believe exchanges do batch transactions using special wallets.

They certainly have special wallets.

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It’s available in the api V1 (beta). “destinations” is an array of amount & address


Cool, thanks. One more thing what would be the best way to check for incoming transactions or blocks ?

Few options I explored:

  1. GET /api/txs/last (Gets the last few transactions, I can run in a loop, But I may miss some and cannot go back)

  2. http://localhost:8005/api/blocks/pages/<page_number> ( Increment page number and get block hashes and parse blocks and move further)

Are you aware what is the confirmation count in case of cardano, i found there is one assurance level passed when you create a wallet. So, the block depth is checked and the balance in updated on the Node only when that depth is reached.

What can be the best strategy for listening for incoming blocks/txns and getting the balance after confirmations.