Want cardano rpc cal api for intigration cardano mainnet node

how to intigrate cardano rpc cal api like (new address generation, balance checking , send transaction , and get transaction details) of cardano mainnet node in our exchange.

Please guide me . i am beginner in this field.
Thank you

Building anything resembling an exchange as a self proclaimed beginner is daunting.

As far as I know there is no RPC/gRPC API. Such an SDK would need to integrate discovery in order to use arbitrary mainnet relay nodes and also handle the possibility of asynchronous intermittent failures gracefully. Large projects such as exchanges, swaps, etc almost certainly will be hosting their own relay nodes to control scalability and performance of their platform. Smaller projects and NFT plays have mostly been using IPC to local or temporary relay nodes they build and run themselves.

If building your own SDK layer is out of scope or undesirable then you could leverage existing centralized solutions that provide wrappers such as blockfrost.io

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How to intigrate cardano and cardano services like (deposit and withdrawl ) in our exchange please guide me. what are the steps from start to end . i am beginner in cardano.
Thanks for Advance.

From where we should go for start to intigrate cardano in our exchange. Please guide me.