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@astroboysoup I watched your recent video about Iagon titled: “The New Filecoin, Decentralised Storage! Iagon Launches on Mainnet”

Unfortunately Iagon cannot be considered decentralised while it has closed source code and/or patented APIs.

Dapps that depend upon this storage platform will be ceding their decentralisation to the Iagon patent controllers.

This is what Charles Hoskinson said about patents in his testimony to congress:

  • “The power of blockchain technology is its universality and permissionless model for innovation. True competition exists when everyone has equal access to markets. My company, IOG, has never had to pay a royalty, file a patent application, or acquire a license to pursue blockchain-related business development in countries as diverse as Ethiopia to Mongolia.”

Then there is this 2017 IOHK blog:

  • “This is a recognition of the pioneering work that IOHK is doing in advancing the science of cryptocurrencies, producing research that will all be open source and patent-free and progress the industry as a whole.”

And this 2020 IOHK blog:

  • “We have produced more than 60 peer-reviewed academic papers, which have become an open-source, patent-free resource for everyone.”

And this succinct 2022 Charles Hoskinson tweet:

  • “If it’s patent free and open source, then I’ll take a look at it”
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