Cardano IPFS equivalent?

Anyone know if or when Cardano will have an IPFS equivalent? And who’s working on it? Blockfrost?


To anyone who thinks Iagon could be considered equivalent to the fully open source IPFS, please reference the discussion here:

… especially with respect to the burden on the Cardano blockchain if it were to standardise on a storage layer with the inherent costs and difficulties of patent protection. @Terminada @johnshearing


What exactly do you mean by a Cardano equivalent? IPFS is not chain-specific, and is used all the time in Cardano for things like NFT image links.

If you’re looking for something which comes from the Cardano community, you may be interested in Logosphere, which is Catalyst funded and built by Cardano devs.

Full disclosure, I work for Logosphere’s parent company Ikigai, so I am definitely biased here.


This sounds interesting. The website says:

Logosphere is an open source project backed by Ikigai Technologies, Fluree, and the Cardano Catalyst community. We envision a world where decentralized technology holds entities accountable through best practices. A difficult world made easy by building a real use case using the newest decentralized technologies.

Providing a “decentralised technology” would necessarily imply no patents, which rules out something like Iagon.

@SamDelaney: Can you confirm that Logosphere has no middle-men that own patents over aspects of it’s technology or API? Assuming that is the case, you should probably include that detail on your website as an important distinguishing feature from other non-decentralised middleware providers. And, please also let twitter:@cardano_whale know about your existence.


Thank you! Very interesting project as IPFS in its current form cannot handle HIPPA requirements for US and Australia healthcare use cases.

Right IPFS can be used by anyone or any chain but it has its limitations especially on the compliance front which is where Iagon appears to be focused. Thanks for the info on Logospherr I will check it out.

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Yes, that’s correct!

Thanks for the feedback on the website, we’ll make that update.

We’ll reach out to cardano_whale as well and make sure he’s aware. :slightly_smiling_face: