Want to mint a bazillion Cardano tokens with logo? Easy copy/paste video walkthrough. (minting requires relay node)

Hi Cardano friends,

I’ve made a simple visual video walkthrough for one-time minting Cardano tokens (native assets)

  1. Creating a one-time mint (no further tokens can be minted after the slot specified)

of 10,000,000 tokens.

  1. No residual ADA left behind (all goes to the address you want the minted tokens sent to).

  2. Registering the tokens, with logo and website, on Cardano Foundation Token Registry - github.

end result:
MnM Charity Token (pool.pm)

Token MnM - Cardanoscan


Nice step by step tutorial. Gratz :grinning:

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Do I understand correctly tgat tokens created in this way can be stored in both dedalus and yoroi wallets, but not on erc20?

ATM they are working on bridging ethereum-to-cardano.

Once the bridge from cardano-to-ethereum is built it will be possible; the latter is comming after.