Watch the Cardano Foundation's new strategy starting from 2021 till 2026 and beyond - with Frederik Gregaard

Fred delivers the strategy from the Cardano Foundation. He talks about our mission and short and long term goals. Hear about where we stand in terms of global adoption and our plans and initiatives to achieve success for Cardano globally.


Where can we download the slides?

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Mixed impression.
Missing totally information on where the competitors stand.
Even they are a nice and motivated team it is a very small team and the roadmap is too slow.
It would have been nice to see this 2 years ago but not in 2021 where adoption in several markets should have already been done and has already started for some competitors (eg electronic vote for local elections on Tezos blockchain, stable euro on Tezos too that will be used by a big french retailer in a few monthes)

Let’s wait what they will deliver.
I’m waiting impatiently the updates on the progress.


Hi Cardano friends, video subject matter below :blush:

1:42 Mission - ensure Cardano becomes the future financial and social operating system

Short term actions.
6:17 Continue to run the Cardano Registry as a product.
7:07 Build and operate a blockchain explorer.
8:09 Education program to increase the technical understanding of high level decision makers.
9:45 Communicate what is possible right now on Cardano, and ‘art of the possible’ vision.
10:13 Launch a developer portal.
10:54 Build the Cardano Foundation organisation.
11:21 Create advisory boards.
11:55 Co-author Decentralized Consortium Funding white paper.

2021-22 goals.
13:43 Onboard 50 banks so people can easily swap ADA for fiat and vice versa.
14:50 Introduce 3+ supportive libraries/tools/amazing use cases.
14:58 Launch developer portal.
15:10 Increase quality of voting and proposals in Catalyst.
15:43 Increase interoperability for financial inclusion.

2023-24 goals.
16:13 Publish 3 white-papers and 5 how-to case studies.
16:18 Promote growth in wallet addresses and diversity of on chain activity.
17:36 Onboard fortune 500 companies holding and using ADA and the Cardano platform.
18:07 Increase interoperability for chains and world systems.

2026 and beyond goals.
18:30 Have a suite of services for a nation, 10 Fortune 500 companies, regulatory framework support, 1 billion users.
19:22 Strategy for achieving these goals.
28:29 How the foundation interacts with communities.

30:17 Summary.
31:00 Growing the team.
34:45 If you have questions.


This timeline appears really very slow in a very competitive and fast moving market.


Discussing this with the NYC meetup group now to see how we can help contribute.


Excellent presentation from my perspective. Why?

  • Clear strategic perspective, and strong execution focus.
  • Strong focus on legal and regulatory requirements and interaction with regulators.
  • Focus on hiring great people and building a dynamic effective team.
  • Demonstrates a clearer understanding of the wider crypto space and competitive dynamics.
  • Realistic timelines
  • Lastly- feels like a good quality, professional enterprise pitch that Fortune 500 are used to.

Starting to see evidence that the Foundation under Fred’s leadership are ready to take their place in the ecosystem and beginning to lead those important governmental and regulatory relationships.

Great work!


Can somebody please explain the governance structure of the Cardano Foundation itself? How are people elected to the Board? Where can I find its annual reports?