Weekly Technical Reports

Does anyone know why IOHK has not produced their weekly technical report for 2 weeks in a row now? Has this been replaced with something else? Thank you in advance for your help


Guy that makes official reports are on vacation. @SebastienGllmt, being awesome, made his own this time :slight_smile:


Agreed and I saw that (thank you for the reference). I assumed the report from 2 weeks ago was not done since it coincided with the roadmap update (which makes sense to a point). However, there was no technical report yesterday either. Since you said the person who makes the official reports is on vacation, do you happen to know when he is expected back and/or when the weekly technical reports will continue? Thank you in advance for your help and time.


The person responsible for the updates is on holiday. Expect the next official update on 17th May.

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Thank you Gabor! This is exactly what I was trying to find. Thanks!