Wen tiered pricing?

When will tiered pricing be released? Is this now in implementation stage? I think there was a paper right? Will this be now implemented or is the implementation currently going on? When will it be released approximately, like this year or more like next year?

Isn’t this part of of Basho and should be developed right now?


This raises the question: Why do we need tiered pricing?

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Because Cardano is a generalized smart contract platform. Except you say MakerDao style collateralization or leverage trading is nothing Cardano should be able to run, then the answer is no you probably do not need it. What’s your comment on that?

What you want to tell people who want to provide more collateral or move their liquidation target, that they do have to wait in line?

Cardano currently cannot support such dapps in an effective way right? What’s the plan? Does Hydra solve this? Move those apps to Sidechains? Or does tiered pricing solve it?

Actually, I don’t see a reason why tiered pricing is required to provide collateral or change targets. Maybe we should stop thinking in ETH style smart contracts. eUTXOs don’t require smart contract execution in the same block.

Tiered pricing would only add a fast lane for transactions and not gas fee style prioritization. If you look into the current block content you’ll see that there is enough space available for smart contract execution.

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You want to avoid liquidation and not be stuck in a queue when there is high load and without a fee market this not possible (at least from my understanding), except there is enough free space within the blocks. Lets say there is high load due to a mint happening and price is falling at the same time and you want to avoid liquidation. Wait in the queue is no satisfying answer in this scenario for this particular user who wants to avoid liquidation. Do you say there is always enough space and never congestion?