What could blackout or global internet turn off mean for ada and other crypto?

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Today we are living in most uncertain times I have ever experience. Anything can happen than ever before, wars, black out, internet connection lost etc.

Do yuo think ada price would back to previous price immediatly after balckout is finished or not?

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It’s hard to say, even if I know more details, it would be so unprecedented situation that I think nobody could say for sure what happens.
The best you can do in these times when there is still less certainty in the things we were used to is to trust yourself that you know what to do.

:thinking: hmmm depends for how long and is it every country in the world that is cut off?? let say yez and for hmm 1 year prices go to zero i think and gold &silver soars​:money_mouth_face:

I think it could last for not more than 1 week, for 1 year we would back to stone ages. Anyway, we must have silver, gold and cash for these type of events

1 day in blackout would be catastrophy anyway. I see that more crypto decentralized less pain would experience, rather than btc. Each coutry would cope differentrly with electricity or internet to restore

I would be much more concerned about the effects it would have on society rather than what it would do to the price of ADA and other crypto. We run on the internet, look at how intertwined human existence now is with the instantaneous transfer of data we have over the internet.
The scenarios you propose are wide ranging and varied and the overall effect will depending their size, severity, and how long they exist for.

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