What does SingularityNet share in common with Tesla and Cardano?

If you search on AI and Tesla, Elon Musk you will find plenty. It is a critical component of Tesla’s engineering. Singularity, which Elon Musk is very aware of, is the basis for SingularityNet.

SingularityNet will take AI to orders of magnitude in functionality and use cases, with huge applications for AI use in Tesla. So it would seem only logical given, SingularityNet is migrating from Ethereum to Cardano platform, that Elon Musk will most likely find the Cardano ecosystem a very strong natural synergy with Tesla for incorporating from both technology and investment perspectives.

Interestingly, in the Tesla press release regarding their purchase of Bitcoin, they indicated that they are considering other cryptocurrencies…will Cardano be the next big surprise?
What do you think??


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AGI is my next investment, that’s what I thought already! :smiley:

TY for the insight!