What going to happened to the token and coin if there is an update(hard fork) over the cardano blockchain?

Hi Community,

I had seen that on another blockchain. When there is a big update(hark fork), the user needs to swap the coin and tokens to the new chain which I think is super weird and troublesome.

Observed Scenario
For eg, you have x amount of coin and tokens in blockchain A. From time to time, the system needs to update/upgrade. Same applied to the blockchain as well. Over our current market, the way that they solved this problem is create a new chain called blockchain A and turn the old chain into blockchain A - Classic/Old. Then, daap need to recreate the token over new blockchain A and allow all their user to swap token from old blockchain to new blockchain.


It getting super troublesome for dapp developer and users. Because whenever there is an big update. They need to do a swapping.

Blockchain Perspective
Not dare to have frequent updates because the process will affect a lot of people. (This is really bad for blockchain improvement).

What about Cardano? Is Cardano using the same approach or a better approach? Anyone is feel free to comment and give some insight. Cheers. :grin:


I think tokens created now on Cardano blockchain will be backward compatible on new forks. Since now it is very limited what type of tokens you can mint.

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