What if one day IOHK went IPO and became a public company?

What if one day IOHK went IPO and became a public company?

So we as ADA owners become like what?

I know seems there will be some sort of voting system to make the decision about ADA’s future path, what will be the relationship between ADA coin-holders and IOHK shareholders?

Just a random thought,

any feedback?

None. Also IOHK is already a private company, making it public changes nothing.

IOHK are “contracted” “by” Cardano

Ic, so it’s the Cardano Foundation owns Cardano? not IOHK owns it?

No, nobody owns Cardano.

Once it has been set free, which it will be soon, its on its own. The voting system, will be to potentially contract people. That why Charles want it in before 2020, because thats what he has been “contracted” for - its in parenthesis because I dont think its even a real contract other than just his personal commitment, since Cardano is not a legal entity, and no one will be able to control it once it is set free.

At that time we can fire Charles if we want that, or vote someone else in to develop things we want, Charles might not even be up for choice.

Cardano Foundation would be, but again, since the network is decentralized, they are not the owner, no one is the owner, it has no owner. The closest you come to “owners” will be the ADA holders.



So it will be free like a bird!

Now I got the idea !


However, I think the likelihood is that if IOHK was able to accomplish all the goals it has made for 2020, that the majority of the ADA holders will vote to have them (IOHK) to continue work on it, at least in part.

Cardano is IOHK’s largest product currently, but once it’s been “set free”, the amount of “work” should decrease significantly in order to maintain Cardano, unless the voting centre continues to want to create large scale projects. In that sense, IOHK may be working for multiple other blockchains on a larger scale, rather than its currently smaller scale projects with Ethereum Classic (ETC) and ZenCash (ZEN). I think that Ethereum Classic (ETC) and ZenCash (ZEN) have positioned themselves well to have a strong long-lasting relationship with both Cardano (and IOHK). In that sense, I think they are betting on Cardano just as much as we are.

2020 will be a very interesting year. Beyond that will be even more interesting.

It’s an exciting time to be alive.


Just to add a tidbit…I think IOHK is also involved in the Storm crypto (I do not know to what degree)…Choskinson is in the board of advisors of Storm…

Funny thing…I mentioned it, and look what the coin does (coincidence)…I should have bought more: