Charles Hoskinson and team to leave in 2020?

IOHK is contracted until 2020. Does that mean it’s possible CH and team will leave the project? I assume this would have an impact on price? Thanks

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Hi Jt3344

This topic came up a while ago, you might want to get some opinions, they’re not on price but what could potentially happen…

I’ll try to find the AMA

I’ve realised this is spreading fud which isn’t my intention. CH did say that IOHK will apply with the community in 2020 to continue work on Cardano.

Ok, no worries, I’ll check out the forum before posting next. Thanks


In part you’re right
They have a contract until 2020 …
but, before the contract expires we would have treasury and most importantly voting center in which IOHK can submit a proposal to continue with cardano, and us, you and every ADA Holder has the right to vote to the continuation of IOHK as main developers for Cardano or less
In time we could vote them to proceed in other (4-5 years I suppose ) building more features for Cardano in a truly decentralised ecosystem


Well, I’m definitely voting yes to IOHK. IMO, nobody I’ve watched or read about has the experience in this field and general knowledge than CH and team.

This leads to another thought: CH and Duncan’s meeting at Google. CH did say that Google has the resources to build something themselves. But, that may be a political response. If what I’ve read is true about crypto, 5 years qualifies you at a veteran, so regardless of Google’s resources, do they have the time? CH said himself that it took some time for a team of 160 global developers to move in unison to achieve deadlines efficiently.

IMO, CH planted a seed with Google showing them what they’ve built. Hopefully, IOHK is involved with Google in a way which benefits Cardano investors.


No question, IOHK will be awarded a new contract - best team of engineers & cryptographers, ethical & transparent, scientific approach with academic peer-review, 3rd party audits…no question.


The question What will happen after IOHK’s contract to develop Cardano expires? was answered in a Charles AMA, here: Surprise AMA with Charles - 1:23:42


I don’t think google would hire IOHK for google’s Blockchain because they have everything to do their own, yet I do believe that cardano associated to google even if just conversations, interest, curiosity from google, contribute to a higher confidence and cridibilty in Cardano project

What could possibily happens is google having a kind of Sidechain on cardano blockchain which would link eventually google’s Blockchain with Cardano’s Blockchain


Of course, you didn’t know?

Charles already said he will leave to build a giraffe farm in Africa, where tourists will pay to watch local children race giraffes, it’s his dream.


He will have the money to do it! That’s for sure!
Giraffes, dinosaurs, sea monkeys…whatever he wants!

I heard he’s going to use crispr gene editing to construct an army of super soldiers and turn the Baja Peninsula into an anarcho-capitalist commune.

This cult is just starting.

Ha! Very tall chidren

Good point! I hadn’t thought about this, but to have any chance of beating giraffes in a race, the children would need extremely long legs!

This will be achieved using CRISPR gene editing.

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I see Hoskinson is in Africa right now.

No, he’s not on holiday, he’s buying land for the Giraffe farm.

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Is in Africa auditioning jockeys. I never heard of them until I read it on the internet

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Ah, jockeys – ok that makes more sense than kids racing against giraffes.

Before the end of the contract in 2020 the Cardano platform will be truely decentrialized. So there is no way that a central entity, like IOHK or any other, can change the platform on their own initiative. To change something they have to be voted as a winner by the majority of ADA holders to make changes. Hopefully Charles and IOHK will submit improvements. They have my vote!