'Contracted to Build, Design, and Maintain Cardano until 2020'


Could some elaborate on what this means, ‘IOHK is contracted to build, design, and maintain Cardano until 2020’.

You could make a lot assumptions so any clarification would be appreciated.


Pretty much their contract to work on the software expires in 2020, at which time the contract will need to be renewed under new terms if they are to be retained as developers of the project.

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It means that “main developer and maintainer” of the platform can be changed in 2020 by stakeholders’ vote. Main maintainer “holds the right to change the protocol” (as far as it’s possible in a decentralized project, of course, meaning that it’s mostly a public consensus thing), and they probably should be the GitHub owners for all the software (not sure yet, if IOHK would give up all of it, probably depends on the contract). But it does not mean that IOHK cannot continue to work on Cardano as a 3rd party company (and most probably they would, since they still may produce proprietary enterprise software based on Cardano).