What is causing this error? (FsInsufficientPermissions)

cardano-node: FsInsufficientPermissions for /home/eddymak/cardano-node/relay/db: Permission denied at CallStack (from HasCallStack):

Hello and welcome to the forum,
could it be that you do not have write access to “/home/eddymak/cardano-node/relay/db”?

hey , Yes Thanks that was the permission rights error.

It was resolved.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I am facing the same problem. I am using aws, I am new to all this. How can I have write access to /db??

sudo chmod -R 777 db

is what I used, but I can’t guarantee this is the proper permission for it. Ill update once I find ou but for some reason people aren’t willing to answer my questions. Cardano stakepool is giving off By Advanced For Advanced Vibes

777 will give every user permissions, you may want to restrict it just to root (assuming root ownership) with:

sudo chmod 700 /path/to/db

Also, to ensure root has ownership (best to be safe) you can run this first:

sudo chown root:root /path/to/db

adatainment was spot on though, the file system permissions error provides the key to solving this issue.