What is the Maximum Amount of the same Native Tokens at Cardano?

Here is the answer: A bit more than Nine Quintillions

nine quintillion two hundred twenty three quadrillion three hundred seventy two trillion thirty six billion eight hundred fifty four million seven hundred seventy five thousand eight hundred and seven to be exact. Or just 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

When I’ve tried to mint really huge amount of tockens with cardano-cli, i’ve got meaningful error message:

unexpected " "
expecting quantity (word64)
expecting word64, but the number exceeds the max bound: MyHugeNumber

word64 can carry 2^64 in Decimal, which is 18446744073709551616, so I’ve tried to issue this amount of tokens and got:

unexpected " "
expecting quantity (word64)
expecting word64, but the number exceeds the max bound: 18446744073709551616

but 18446744073709551615 was just fine. It’s expected - 2^64 is the overflow and 2^64 - 1 is just fine.

But when trying to sign this transaction i’ve got the following:

Command failed: transaction sign Error: matx.raw: TextEnvelope decode error:
DecoderErrorDeserialiseFailure “Shelley TxBody” (DeserialiseFailure 209 “overflow when decoding mint field. min value: -9223372036854775808 max value: 9223372036854775807 got: 18446744073709551615”)

Probably it’s a bug in CLI, it sould not allow to build a raw transaction it can not sign.

I’ve repeated the steps with the 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 tokens to mint and succesfully sign and submit the transaction with the regular fee on 0.2 USD.

It was anticipated, but needs to be highlighted:

Minting fee does not depend on the number of tockens being minted.

I’ve minted 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 tokens which I’ve called ATHOM s. In appreciation of Democritus atomic theory of the universe and a British name ATHOM which means “Success comes easily to you” :slight_smile: To the date ATHOM s are the most numerous Native Tockens at Cardano Blockchain.

UP2. I’ve found a bug in Daedalus Flight. For some reason I can sent something like a quntillion of ATHOMs with it. PROOFPIC

Probably it’s only possible to send a 100s time less then the total ATHOMs count. And I see no reason it shouldn’t be possible.

Is there anyone ready to accept One Quadrillion ATHOMs for testing purposes?


Ready to accept :smiley: addr1q9evflwdnw3xqey7j2qu0a02qh5l79mzlaa5fw88rshpd804djvt2afc6j3p8s9h5j4ms7mlkduuqkze2rs2zm30sfpsuwmepp
Love your crazy test!

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I’ve sent you Ten Quadrillions, please hold them and feel free to send whatever amount to anyone it may be fun :slight_smile:

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I found a lot of bugs with this test no so “crazy” but obvios for Ex. Verification Engineer.
+1 to the bugs set: Yoroi for iOS are unable to set any number of ATHOMs from my collection.
@BooneBergsma BooneBergsma, could you please check on your end if you are able to sent any amount of ATHOMs to anyone using Yoroi for iOS or Android?

1 more bugs in Yoroi, the total token numer for ATHOM asset go out of screen :slight_smile:

Ho many coffee did you drink before to test this? hehehe

Can a have a scoop of ATHOM ? gazillion should be enough…

It is great to see someone is pushing the limits. Great work. :+1:

If you send it, here is the address.

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Thanks for your appreciation! I’ve sent you 10 Quadrillions and would be pleased if you sent couple of Thrillions to whom it may be fun :smiley:
Regarding coffe wife did me only one flat white, but I’ve drink a lot of Cola Zero :smiley:

Thanks @Whiteman appreciated… I also see the Yoroi bug you mentioned above. The number is not fitting. I can only see 9,150,00 and the last 0 is half.
It reminds me the ‘‘year 2000’’ issue with the old BIOS.
Mannn I am getting old…

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Try to send couple of Thrillions ATHOMs to someone. On my iPhone 6S Yoroi has a bug, it unable to send no any Athom, but it may be due to overal huge amount of them in the Wallet.
Daedalus Flight can sent 10 Quadrillions thought, I’ve sent you with Daedalus Flight

I’m a ATHOM Whale :slight_smile:
And just posted my first giving away on Project Catalyst Telegram!!! :smiley:

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Wha-ha! :smiley:
Please give a link to telegram group you’ve mentioned.
I would take a look :slight_smile:

Telegram: Contact @ProjectCatalystChat with pleasure!

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Hi Whiteman :blush:

This sounds like fun! I’m not a whale in any other currency and would love to be a ATHOM whale :whale::whale2:

My OMI address is addr1q97z9ckq7mqac300md9wh8z68kpv74rnqhlmmkj2ylr0u468nqcc7sj4e90wa2x6yz9muvvrenfhrzu0ymspvws03f4qrma2u5

Is that the one you need to send me some fantazillions?

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Be my guest, I’ve just sent you a Quadrillion of ATHOMs, please hold with pleasure :smiley:

I believe you just point me to a good slogan “Everybody Whale with ATHOM” :whale:

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If you can send me a couple of quadrillions I will be happy to share them around and spread the joy. My address is: addr1qx8nskyslkev6pj25wtwdnue4hfptneg2k7au4r0je94sehxmweefk8qr5jcjp7ap83ysdhht8xzgug2fxg7c6tatkqquym09d

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Be my guest! I’ve just sent you Two Quadrillions.
You say exactly as I believe it needs to be done further.

If you still want someone to test it for Yoroi Android I can help with that.

My address: addr1q8mgdryuqqdxnyvcw3yz8f9kcx3zzh929plm2pnkxldlwp7sw0mg9wgf6fqfkcws3u3fnhc0sd8f6t9fqvzwdk9py0lq9d9006

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Thanks for your interest, I’ve sent you some

Thank you @Whiteman

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Hi, can I have some of ATHOMs, it’s cool, and great work! :smile: :+1:


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