What is your Personal Roadmap to evolve Cardano?

Lets all get out the great but invisible efforts, thoughts and projects that the people in the community is planning to deploy or in any other way will contribute with for the Cardano protocols success.

Remember: The road to success begins with your own effort :slight_smile:

Personal Roadmap:
I am now in deep learning mode and will deploy a service on the protocol in the future that has to do with consultancy services specified for newcommers in the business that is eager to control their own future.


I’ve just created a Meetup group “The Evolution.” https://www.meetup.com/The-Evolution/

I’m attempting to start a movement. Seriously. A coordinated, organized effort is far more effective in getting a message out than a bunch of people doing their own thing.

This could be huge, people. PM me if you’re interested.


This is all great stuff. Very exciting to see. Zenman I’ll be PMing you shortly.

Among my other job responsibilities I’m in technical sales. The first thing I do is learn about the product. It also is important for me to believe in the product as part of that process. what I mean by that is a product is supposed to solve the customer’s problem or its useless. I look for the best most useful product I can find to sell. When it comes to blockchain I think I’ve found it in Cardano.

With that said a big part of sales is overcoming objections. I’d like to get some help to develop a FAQ that has responses to the common objections and FUD we all hear. This way we can easily update with new information and disseminate it as a way to teach others and give them talking points as well.