What makes a smart ADA delegates

If you are delegate in the ITN (Incentivised Testnet), How frequently do you monitor your rewards or pool? Is once an epoch too much work? To have a healthy decentralization of the Cardano network, we need alert, helpful, and caring delegates. They control the network decentralization. The ITN has oversaturated pools for months. Seems like some delegates don’t care. It makes me wonder, if the Cardano Foundation has a plan to educate both current delegates and ADA holders about smart delegation. What factors constitute a good plan for one to be considered a healthy and helpful delegate?

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i check it once per day and i stay in contact with my pool operator via twitter :slight_smile:

but ye alerts and stuff like that could be very usefull.

Sorry but talking about “delegates” is confusing. I think you mean pool operators. Delegators are stakers. “Delegates” as a noun is not used in this context.

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@RobJF No, I meant delegates, a staker who has delegated her/his stakes to a pool. Stakers are
are not delegates. A Staker could own a stake of ADA and not delegate it to any pool. Until the stake is delegated to a pool, the staker is not a delegate. I am asking those who have already delegated their stakes. What are the factors that make them a smart delegate?

Well everyone else calls them stakers or delegators but of course you can use language any way you want! :grin:


A smart delegator is one who monitors his pool regularly and only delegates to working pools which actually do produce blocks and thus rewards. Here examples of non smart delegators:

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