What makes Cardano a distinctive platform?

Hi global community!
A Korean community member wants to hear from global community about what makes Cardano project distinctive compared to others.
Please share your ideas and opinion on his curiosity!


It feels like the blockchain market is at the stage of preparing for the next level as a platform business. When the platform โ€˜google playโ€™ was first introduced, there was nothing much useful and helpful to attract mass public. I think blockchain is at the same stage as what google play faced at the very beginning.

In case of EOS, it seems that they decided to invest all the funds they gathered from ICO into development process and then distribute coins in the form of airdrop.

Compared to this EOSโ€™s strategy, what can be the distinctive strategy or characteristic of Cardano project? I wonder if there is any specific plans or strategies for Cardano project to be a distinctive platform compared to other blockchain platforms.

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