What password managers would the Cardano team recomend?



It appears that the Cardano Deadalus and Orobourus developers are some of the top security experts in the field. I’m wondering if they use password managers such as lastpass, Dashlane, Keepass, 1password, etc?

If the community here has any experts who care to comment on the best password managers for non-blockchain websites and apps, I’d really appreciate it. Yes I have googled it, but there are many contradicting reviews, and it can be hard for a non-expert to sort through all of them and make an informed decision.

I’m hoping to find the perfect solution that allows me to recover my account(s) if I do something foolish like forget or loose the master password, and also doesn’t require me to trust the provider of the service. (I want to know the service provider/developer cannot access or hack my account) Thanks for your thoughts