When was the first ADA bought ? Do you know the exact time & date? & where?

Hello future billionaires! Does anyone know when was the first ADA bought. I work as an astrologer and I am assiting a crypto bank right now. If you can help me finding out when was the first ADA bought with exact time, date & timezone or place I promise you I’ll share with ya’ll some secrets.

Thank you!

Hi Jose_Ae, that’s a tricky question :face_with_monocle: I understand the question, but specifically “bought” or “acquired” ?
Gonna do some research and get back to you.



Hello Hal, any kind of exchange transaction it could be fiat or another crypto. But not giveaways. Thank you!

bittrex ,ada/btc,2017.10.02

17.dec.2017 - from a btc atm then converted on binance to ADA


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Hey jose :wave:
The first transaction is on epoch 0
This is the details of the first transaction on Epoch 0 at Block 3337


Maybe this can help you

sorry for my english :pray:

YEs Thank you very much this is great! I need to compare the astro cycle with the market graphs & i’ll get back to you guys!

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First prediction 05/02/2021 ADA will start a huge raise in price for 1 month.

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Which rising sign did u get for Ada?

Here it is. I made a full analysis ADA is very promising but there is a future event in like 8 or 9 years that investors need to watch out for! A saturn ruled ( Capricorn) rising sign indicates it will grow slowly but steady, & will not go backward. It assures stability & really low volatility.

Unfortunately I can’t upload images . It seems the function is not working!

Hi Jose,
21/03/2019 19:28 in Brisbane, Australia