Where can I find design and documentation resources on Plutus Staking smartcontracts?

When I was exploring haddock of Plutus I have found that Plutus script can have Rewarding ScriptPurpose:

data ScriptPurpose
    = Minting CurrencySymbol
    | Spending TxOutRef
    | Rewarding StakingCredential
    | Certifying DCert
    deriving stock (Generic, Haskell.Show, Haskell.Eq)

This raised me a lot of questions like:

  • How do Rewarding scripts differ from Spending scripts?
  • How to use Rewarding script, how are Rewarding scripts interacted with?
  • Can Rewarding scripts be used with native tokens? Could I for example create smartcontract for staking KUGIS native tokens and getting KUGIS coins as a reward?

I have tried searching for resources but couldn’t find a single resource on this except one example of the adafinance cardano staking contract on github.

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