Where is the Ouroboros-BFT paper?

Charles has been boasting about a new Ouroboros paper on twitter which he claims adds finality:


Anyone knows where is this paper available?

This links to the Praos paper. Ouroboros Praos =/= Ouroboros-BFT.

Take a look at this topic

specially, the section Cardano uses Ouroboros in the response from @Bullish


Wow man. That thread is great, but you keep on linking unrelated content.

I’m looking for the Ouroboros-BFT paper. If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, check out Charles’s tweet I’ve linked.

Ah! I see it now - my bad.

I thought I read about BFT being discussed but did not see the tweet at the link you included.

I can’t find it, perhaps it’s not published yet.

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I’ve heard Charles mention finality in passing in one of his videos and and the whole exchange with Vitalik Buterin, but I haven’t dived into it. Could you go over why finality is important? and why people care?

P.S or maybe just point me to a link and I could read up on it.

Much appreciated!

Finality is important because PoS has no time factor and blocks can be forged without effort. And because PoS can have better finality than PoW, if done right.

This is the gist of it, if you want to get into the nitty-gritty, I can recommend looking up the communication between Charles and Vitalik (Twitter, Reddit) and reading around here on the forum.

It’s cool, I’ll look into it. I’m still a little fuzzy on it.

In Charles’ latest video update (released last week) he does mention this paper and says that its soon to be released.

IOHK has recently an internal paper that will be released soon on a Byzantine Fault Tolerant protocol that was inspired by and complementary to Ouroboros.

Taken from the summary of his video update, which you can find here: 07.09.2018 - Charles Hoskinson Video Update
And as soon as its published, I’m sure IOHK will share it across their social channels or you can check back onto the IOHK Papers page which was linked above by canopus. :slight_smile: