Where to download daedalus for testnet?

Where to download Daedalus wallet for testnet?

im pretty sure its not out right now. just wait and check the forum from time to time :slight_smile:

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I’ve been watching the official channels the whole day… Needless to say I’m a bit excited to start testing :grin::cardano:

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They will probably release it today or tomorrow.

My guess is they are testing it thoroughly to ensure that it is working correctly before releasing to community! I love this method. Do it right the first time!

will we need to download another Daedalus wallet after the 2nd snapshot?

There is no info about that, but I guess they wil release an update of the testnet wallet.

we already can download the wallet: https://staking.cardano.org/en/

I has “some” in my wallet. Yet it I as if nothing ever happened to my wallet. I can still see it all. Had already downloaded prior to the testate. Why does it act normally since it’s supposed to be a “special place” to view it and the wallet is supposed to be frozen?