Who should get ADA reward for voting in the Voltaire era?

Delegation Representatives (DReps) will decide on important issues concerning the future of Cardano. Should they be rewarded for this work? And what about the ADA holders who delegated their decision-making authority to the DReps, should they be rewarded as well? Let’s think about this and look for answers.


  • CIP-1694 has elements of direct and representative democracy.
  • We should honor the principle of 1 ADA = 1 vote, but this does not necessarily apply to the size of the reward.
  • All DReps should be rewarded fairly, even those with a smaller stake, but at the same time, we need to consider the size of the stake.
  • If all ADA holders are not rewarded, but only DReps, the system relies on ADA holders not being greedy and behaving responsibly.
  • Most people will behave rationally when voting because they are making decisions about their own wealth.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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