Who's Excited For Plutus?

So as someone who’s taken the dive into functional programming over the past year or so I’ve been quite thrilled/excited for Plutus to be developed/released. Every time I consider using Solidity the desire to code DApps leech away from me, so the fact that we’ll have a first-class functional DSL and on what I believe will be the best platform, well there’s a lot to be happy about.

Obviously the current swath of developers interested in Cardano is tiny at this point in time due to the Computation Layer not being released yet, but I wanted to see how many fellow enthusiasts there are roaming about on these forums. Looking forward to collaborating in the future on some projects with whomever ends up treading down this path.


I am one of those people. Building something at the intersection of finance and programming that also could benefit the emerging markets. That would be my thing.

Problem is, you can’t just walk into a country and say: “here, use this.”

So I want to involve as many political and financial institutions as I can to roll things out.

It will be beautiful!

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