Why can t I join Telegramgroup

Hello there, I cant join the telegram group?

I did the charlie bit test but if I wanne join telegram, there is stated that a admin has blocked me??

see screenshot? Any information regarding this

Hey @Adnan_El_Mo

Could you please tell me your username on Telegram?

Will gladly check if theres an issue on our side.


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Our bot blocks all users having “Telegram” in their bio or username because that was heavily used by spammers and scammers in the past.

If you remove “Telegram” from your username, it should work. Maybe we need to unblock you.


Hello sir, Thank you for the fast reply. My username on telegram is @AdnanCryptoo

kind regards

ok i didnt know that, but i can tell you 1000% that i m not a scammer or a spammer :saluting_face::saluting_face::saluting_face::saluting_face:

Try to join again.


all good now it worked !!! thank you very much.


Hello,I can’t join telegram community channel, could please help me

Please send me your Telegram username per direct message.

My telegram username is