Why Cardano ADA price is not increase it Many YouTubers Create Fud About ADA will be Next LUNA

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first of all sorry for my bad English
and i ’ m not a trader i hold ADA since very long and i didn’t sell when price is $3 because i believe in ADA is the good Project but

Why is the price of ADA not increasing when it has so many projects upcoming?

Cardano announce in Cardano Summit 2022 his lunch Stablecoin $Djed in January 2022

there are so many Youtubers create a fud about ADA YouTuber Said ADA will be the Next LUNA
Youtubers Says Ada is making the same mistake that was made in the LUNA case he launch his StableCoin

did you know about this why people create FUD about ADA?
please tell me what is difference between the LUNA StableCoin USTC and ADA Stablecoin Djed is the pegged ADA Price?

and please tell me where i stake my ADA to get good Interest

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I don’t see ADA as a bad investment. It is true that year 2022 was volatile and Cardano has seen a decline of over 80% since January 2022, Despite this, this altcoin Cardano have seen significant developer activity and partnerships, which market experts believe will drive the price of the currency.

Cardano is a major competitor to Ethereum due to its proof-of-stake blockchain. Upcoming upgrades like Hydra will boost the price, cardano price prediction for 2023 is to reach as high as $0.71 as per coinpedia. However, the fact that Cardano has passed the $0.25 mark suggests that it may experience a bull run in the near future.

So, I suggest you to HOLD your ADA coins.

Just thought I’d pop in and share a similar post I came across on reddit.

How exactly is the DJed and ADA relationship different to USD/LUNA? Is there a similar risk?

Many algorithmic stablecoins have collapsed. UST, Basic Cash, Empty Set Dollar crashed.

How is ADA and DJED different to UST/Luna?

The price of Djed will aspire to be $1. The basecoin which is the coin that Djed is backed by, is $ADA. Let’s assume $ADA is worth $2, so in order to mint 1 Djed, the user will need to send 0.5 $ADA to the contract. This process can be repeated, users can send more and more $ADA to the contract and get more $Djed. This is how the contract builds its pool. If the user wants to sell 1 $Djed, he is sending it back to the contract, which then burns this Djed, and sends back the amount of $ADA that is equivalent to $1 to the user.

How exactly is this different to LUNA?

Because 1 UST was defined as being equal to $1 worth of Luna, that meant that while the amount of Luna handed over in a swap for UST would vary, a holder of $1 in UST would always get $1 in value back. That created arbitrage incentives for traders that were designed to keep the value of UST at or close to $1.

Hi there are some topics regarding this matter, but it’s inner workings are not as simple as ADA > DJED; DJED > ADA

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theoreticaly you can create many things, but in real financial market there can be serious issue, so I also won’t invest in ADA after DJED immediatly …