Why Cardano Could Still Fail Despite Excitement Around Shelley | Crypto Briefing

I just read an article, and i want to know what you people think about whats written there.

A few points is valid, yes.
But overall i think that in the long run Cardano will win big.
Especially when eth2 comes out (and not without a few compromises that i hope their community will accept or god forbid makes big troubles for some tokens running eth chain.)
But remember that both can also co-exist. It’s not one or nothing.

But as i said, i want your comments on this article:

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I’m not really sure what project Cardano is falling behind to be fair. Cardano is being built very different from other projects. Not saying other projects are bad, just created different.

I’m also not sure why there is this competitive edge? More than one blockchain can exist and be successful. Cardano is not being built to steal ETH devs or people developing on ethereum. That’s down to them if they develop on one or both.


Yes, projects can co-exist, but one of them can take a huge market share while others are fighting for what is left in some specific parts of the market. For example can someone compare Google with any other search engine? Google has over 70% while others are fighting for what is left. Or we can take a look at the desktop operating systems where Windows has over 87%. This can be the difference between a booming crypto network and one which is stagnating or even slowly slowly falling. Obviously, we would like to be in the leading team.

Shelly it is a verry good update and a verry good step for Cardano but obviosly it isn’t enough. A network where you can stake but you can’t build it is useless and the current price it is just a reflection of the hope that this network it will be usefull. I’m one of the people which are still beliving in Cardano and I belive that it didn’t started it’s engines yet.

Regarding the programing language, there are plans for the future that will allow the users to use alot of the programming languages which are going to be compiled in Plutus. I’m not an expert but this is my general understanding and I belive that it is better than the one expressed in that article.

Can Cardano be the winner? Well, there was a time when Yahoo was the monster in the market, then? Well, Google came out and the rest is history. Something was better and people prefered it. There was a time of MySpace, Hi5 and other things. Then Facebook came out… Ether dominates right now, but I belive that there are things which can be done much better and Cardano may have that potential. Where is that network effect of Yahoo or that of MySpace and others? It is all about what you place on the table, but it has to be disruptive if you want to come to the front.


Let’s let time tell the story😊


For the most part it’s hogwash. The author clearly does not have a deep understanding of the project or the velocity of development at this point. Eth 2 won’t be released for a long time some knowledgeable people say several years. He also uses Tron as an example of a project to look out for…TRON!?! I mean at least use Algorand or something credible as an example for God’s sake. His argument that DeFi has better returns is pretty suspect also. If anything DeFi returns will not be sustainable. Many DeFi projects seem ponzish to me at this point and I read a story about one of them getting hacked every other week. The returns of legitimate DeFi projects will almost certainly decrease as time goes on and more people use them. DeFi is in its infancy and real DeFi developers will greatly appreciate the benefits of mathematically verifiable Cardano code to work on. In general crypto is a highly risky asset class. We all need to realize that. I worry mostly about things that could affect the entire industry like governmental regulations. With that said I still see Cardano as absolutely top tier in terms of tech and the ambitious nature of the vision to create a decentralized global scale financial infrastructure. I also see institutional investors being very interested in Cardano for a variety of reasons going forward. I still hold some Bitcoin as a hedge though. (None of this is financial advice!)


BTW just saw this over on Reddit regarding the most popular Dapp on Eth:

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Honestly crypto journalism is kind of a joke and I don’t take any of them that seriously. I feel there is a lot of bias and conflicts of interest that taints these news sources. That combined with the fact that most of these journalist aren’t qualified to be writing about these topics in the first place.

Take this author for example, he calls himself a Blockchain Analyst, a term I feel is being used a little too freely. If you go check out his LinkedIn you will see he has had two jobs related to blockchain. His current “Analyst” roll at Crypto Briefing and he was a Writer at ICO Drops. I really don’t feel his credentials credits him as a legitimate Blockchain Analyst. I feel “Blockchain Journalist” would be a better title or maybe just “Blockchain Enthusiast”.

Either way, he’s entitled to his opinion but I disagree on his outlook.