Why cardano-node takes 10+ minutes to load after a reboot with 1.33.0

Before cardano-node 1.33.0 the service would be up and running in no time after a reboot, esp. with the kill -2 command.
With 1.33.0 it always takes about 10 minutes, because it has to verify all previous blocks each time.
Is this the observed behavior to all?

my relay it takes also ~10 min to restart… perhaps something changed on 1.33.0… for me it’s not a concern… but if it is for you then set the restart counter to 2-3 days… even more (as long u have IN peers and tx processed should not be a problem)


PS: if u are using cntools and u have more than 2-3 vCPUs then u can try to change the default number of vCPUs used by the node … inside cnode.sh script
u must also uncomment the line (delete # from the begining)

#CPU_CORES=2              # Number of CPU cores cardano-node process has access to (please don't set higher than physical core count, 2-4 recommended)

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I’m also seeing ~10min restarts with 1.33.0.

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Hey Alex, thanks for the response. It is a concern for me, not for the relays per se, but when there are problems that need troubleshooting, even on a passive node, the time to find the solution is much longer, since we’re waiting for 10 minutes instead of 1.
I’ll keep you posted if I find a solution.

Same here, I have the impression that it’s performing a health check on the DB on every start since 1.33.0.
We already run on CPU_CORES=6 on a decent xeon gold cpu (own hardware).

Still it takes 5 - 10 minutes to fully start.

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In this article below, it says that

Now, instead of following the process of getting a header, validate it, then get its corresponding block, validate, and then send it to peer, now we get a header, validate, and send it to the peer, without validating the block.

It made me think if now, with the introduction of this change, it is necessary for the node to validate all old blocks every time it starts, since it doesn’t do it when propagating blocks to peers.
If that is the case, then it is not possible to make the startup faster. Ideas?