Guild operator - Block Producer is not starting

I am having the following error


I am not sure how to fix.

I appreciate your help

you have the old binaries files in usr/local/bin

delete them and restart the node

cd usr/local./bin
ls -l
delete cardano-node and cardano-cli files
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Thanks, It started, but now still starting after 1:33 min is it normal ?


Yes, if u recently upgraded to 1.33.0 it will take 2-4 hours to start

No it was already upgraded few days back

It was, but it was up and running since then?

Yes it was running correctly.
Do I need to delete the DB?

Nope, how is the glive now?


I had to delete the DB, and now seems to work, but am I am not sure if the value of the forks is correct

it’s fine, you can ignore it, it’s related with total number of forks for the network

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My nodes on 1.33.1 were working fine until they started going out of sync. They’re on 8-cores + 16 GB of RAM.
Htop is showing that they’re peaking at 1.7% usage when I restart the node
And they’ve been stuck on “Starting…” for about 13 hours now.

Any idea what may have occurred? My SSD space is also only 20% used.

check the errors with journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node

The logs are empty. Was it because it was restarted?

then try sudo systemctl status cardano-node

Unit cardano-node.service could not be found

Whoa. What could’ve caused that?

sudo systemctl status cnode

and journalctl -e -f -u cnode