Why does Cardano's decentralization need to grow?

Decentralization is a feature that must grow gradually with the number of new users. Unfortunately, first- and second-generation blockchains are failing to do this. Blockchains might grow in financial and social importance, but the number of block producers is stagnant or even declining. This often applies to the number of delegates as well. This article explains why we should not underestimate the ability to scale decentralization. We will also look at how Cardano is prepared for this.


  • A global ledger cannot be maintained by ten or a hundred accountants (block producers) for a billion users.
  • The reliability of accountants is about economic incentives and the possibility of being pushed out of the position.
  • People underestimate the resilience of networks against insider attacks.
  • Cardano is well prepared for the growth of decentralization.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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I completely agree with you that decentralization must grow gradually, but we need to open our eyes and start with the new generation. I mean to look at the lessons of blockchain technology in schools, starting from the lowest levels of education, slowly to the highest levels, this will help the importance of decentralization to be seen in abundance in the future. For example, in my country of Tanzania, blockchain technology has little understanding even at the highest level of education. Therefore, in order to scale decentralisation, education is required in schools from the lowest level to the highest levels,in generation to generation.