Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency?

"What if you could design a system that would completely alter the economic landscape of the world forever?

The key is how you distribute the money at the moment of creation."

Hmm, where have we seen this mentioned :slight_smile:?


Very interesting read. I share a lot of his ideas.

I was thinking abt money re- and distribution (a concern in Cardano either) a lot in the past and just could come up /w some dual systems that contain some zero or negative interest currencies (similar to community currencies).


Read this article a while back and it’s a good one. It speaks to the idea of US and Them. The powers that be are more than happy to use the technological advancements in the crypto world for their own benefit. Look at Mastercard patenting various crypto tech. Current financial powers will do what they can to retain power.

So supporting just any cypto coin is completely misguided. If you hold Ripple, well sorry, but you’re helping Them. Before deciding to buy a crypto coin, you best ask yourself - does this help preserve the current powers or helping to create system independent of the current power structure.


The idea is good. Communism is also in theory yet does not work in practice.

Very radical standing points and imo bridge gapping with regulators and the real world is inevitable to kick this door in.

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Yes. Radical words (ideas) seem to have a way of creating momentum, though they may not pan out completely as you very aptly point out… We’ve known about communism for a long time and there’s numerous reasons it will never take hold anywhere, at least in the western hemisphere… because its implementation heavily or perhaps entirely relies on self sacrifice and altruism being the focal point of a human being’s life. The reality is quite opposite when you can’t even feed yourself - without getting into why.

I think that’s true wisdom, finding and/or constantly modifying some “happy medium” that pleases most people most of the time.

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