Why is the tx fee above 1 ADA

Sorry if I still do not understand transaction fees but it appears that transaction fees vary all the time - eg in this one I was charged 1.12 ADA - just a simple transfer of 4 ADA and 1.12 ADA charged as fees ?

Tx ID: 6d651c7b9551b596bcdd7a0c68528af6b8230aa6c5d495e938d8996ce84d24c9

For that one it is easy: There was not enough left for the minimal output, so it had to take everything as fee.

Each output has to be at least 0.999978 ADA. That is the absolute minimum. If you have less left after the sent amount and the fee, it raises the fee. You could have also raised the output.


Thanks - good explanation and that clears things up

By the way: That was not the issue in your question from February:

There, there are change outputs going back to your wallet, so the fees were definitely not raised due to a too empty wallet.

I still think that Daedalus calculated a wrong minimal fee, there.