Why should I put my ADA in a pool?

Hi, I’m a bit new, so I have have missed the point about why the people put the ADA on a pool, also, I’m not sure how to evaluate the correct pool…

Currently, I just expect the ADA to grow with the price of the single unit, doesn’t that happen if I don’t put them in a pool?
Or the pool can generate an additional return?

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There you go:




Delgating ada to a pool will generate rewards for u;


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Delegating to a healthy stake pool will get you between 4-5,5% of annual returns.

You can easily do this if you move your ada from an exchange to the daedalus, yoroi or adalite wallets. When you have your ada in there just go to the stake pool section and select a stake pool. After you have done this your ada is still safely in your wallet and is not even locked. You can move it out whenever you like.

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Thanks all, I opened this discussion just for closing the loop How to sell ADA from a stake pool

the protocol which is running is Proof of Stake-

The Network / Protocol will assign Blocks to be produced on Pools.
the decision will be based on the Active Stake of the Pool.
which means you are the most important part of this Blockchain.
you like Delegator give the trust to the Pool to be assigned with a Block.

:slight_smile: i hope that makes it a bit more clear to you.

Operator for TTS17 Pool

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Thanks for the deep explanation, I come from the standard blockchain (bitcoins) but I miss what you are saying.
If I put my ADA in a stake pool, I’m not the one to physically mine it, this is what I don’t get.

Also, will I lose money if the expenses overtake the stake pool annual reward?

ok, listen…

you dont mint any blocks…
you are holder, delegator(if you delegate)

as you delegate and you give “trust” to the pool , so that will be assigned with the block…
when the block will be produced, the network provides you rewards.
annually the rewards will be 5% in any case, :slight_smile:
this rewards are because you are staking and you are the power of this network :slight_smile:
you give us (the pools) the chance to produce blocks.

blocks are responsibility of the pool operator and the Server / Block Producer.

is that more clear for you?

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Awesome, yes it is, but I have another doubt :sweat_smile:

Can I lose money in this way? I mean, the pool owners already take the money from the reward, so for my understanding, I can’t lose the money if the stake pool goes busted.

you should track the pool from time to time… follow the pool owner on telegram, twitter, etc

  1. you dont give your ADA to anyone, if someone ask you to send ada to another wallet address it is a Scam, be careful.
  2. with this process you Delegate / stake, which means you give you “power” with your ada to the pool.
  3. you dont have any risk by delegating if the pool is hacked or any other case.
  4. the ADA belongs to you, and are not blocked, whenever you want you can add or move away whenever you want.
  5. the rewards are not provided from the Pool or the Pool Operator, but instead they are distributed from the Network, from the Blockchain Protocol.

for any further question, feel free :slight_smile: to ask more :slight_smile:
we are here to explain and make it more clear for you


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Thanks a lot Thomas, so staking in a pool is only a great additional advantage.

The fact that the price of a single ADA will increase is the first type of gain, right?
The stake pool is additional and seems to be only positive.

the current state is that,
the amount of Rewards are related to other factors, not the price of the Coin.

Stake on a Pool is positive for the Delegator, as he received rewards,
positive for the Pool, especially if you delegate to Single Pool operator or Pool with Mission, as you support the Decentralization,
positive for the Cardano Project, as you are the most important Part of this.

i hope you enjoy the Decentralized Journey,

Operator for the TTS17 Pool
www.tts17.com :slight_smile: if you want to take a look my project.
with Mission to bring more Art into our Society.

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