Is Staking Just for the Maga Holders of ADA Coins

I am far from a maga holder of ADA coins, but I am interested in Staking Pools.
I have looked thru the forum and have found nothing on joining a staking pool.
What does “Delegate to this Pool” really means?
Is Delegate to this Pool the same an joining this pool?
What is the risk?
Is there a recommended amount of ADA that you need to own to join a pool?
If i leave the slider bar at 1000 and I click “Delegate to this Pool” does this mean I delegated 1000 coins top that pool?

Am i understanding this right. Lets look at #4 Space,
If i move the slide to 5000 and I delegate to Space. I have a potential reward of 3.5 coins in 5 days?
If ADA is selling at .10 I could cash out every 5 days for 35 cents and put that in my pocket?
Again is there any risk?
Is it a bad idea to delegate all of your coins?

This article answers most, if not all of your questions:

Giving short answers because similar questions are asked a lot.

The ADA in your wallet increase the probability for your chosen pool to produce a block. People sometimes say joining instead. It means the same.

There is no risk for your funds. You can spend delegated funds at any time. There is no “undelegate”.

No. You can delegate any amount of ADA.


When choosing a pool to delegate to, the most important consideration is pool size.
A large pool (=high active stake) will produce blocks more frequently and you get a small reward each time because reward is proportional to your stake divided by total pool stake.
Delegating the same amount to a smaller pool will get you higher payouts per block, but less frequently.

The second main consideration is fees. Lower fees means higher payout.

Apart from differences in size and fees, all pools are practically equivalent, provided they produce blocks at all.

So thank for the answer very helpful.

But how do you know what the fee is for a staking pool.
When you click on a pool there is nothing that says “FEE”.
Even when I click the URL the site doesn’t give the “FEE”.

Do you only get to find out the fee after you join?

So I joined a pool. Now how to I know how much I delegated? I can find no info on how much i delegated

As of now, when you delegate a wallet, the entire balance of that wallet is delegated.

If you’re in Daedalus, you’ll see these info when you click on the tile of the pool.

Otherwise, you can visit sites like, and where they aggregate info about stake pools.

You can also visit the sites of individual stake pools. Many of them clearly display their pool’s info, including their fees. Here’s an example of how we show ours on our stake pool’s homepage: