Why to create a paper wallet certificate if you already have 12 words recovery phrases?

Hello I just installed and sync Deadalus wallet.

If I store my 12 words recovery phrases for the wallet (in paper), why should I choose a more complicated procedure storing 27 words in order to get paper wallet certificate?
they both al least have the same function, or not? what I am missing?


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Hi @fermaf,

Daedalus 12-word phrase is a backup for recovering in Daedalus, if you write those words down on paper and keep them very-very safe you are good. The other option is to have a paper only certificate, you will not see this certificate, once created in Daedalus, nor can you send ADA out if you have a paper certificate.

You are not missing anything, just pick which one is right for you, or do both to see which one works for you.

Do add a strong spending password in Daedalus, this password encrypts your keys, you really need to keep them safe, so set a strong password in Daedalus. One more thing, if you ever forget or if you ever restore your Daedalus from those 12-words you do not need to remember that password you set, the password is not saved to the blockchain only your computer.

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A paper wallet is more secure because it is off-line and therefore immune to hacking, malware, etc.

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Thanks, so. If Ijust want hodl ADA for a while.
I guess it would be easier to follow these steps:

    • Install Deadalus,
    • Create a wallet. (it does not matter if it’s crypted or not (password protected))
    • Write my 12 secret words in a paper,
    • Keep the public key (address) ( shown in the Receive tab). (If and only if I want to transfer ADA to my paper wallet)
    • Uninstall Deadalus
    • Wait (hodling time)
    • Install Deadalus (from the future) :sweat_smile: and start using Cardano (and ADA)

All instead of having a paper certificate (with 27 secret words)…

Using Yoroi (https://yoroi-wallet.com) might be an easier option if this is all you want to do.


unfortunately not for linux

Do you have a phone you can use instead?

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You could do that, but a paper certificate also allows you to transfer to it, I have a couple of paper certificates that I add ADA to them whenever I can.

PS nice breakdown, you could also generate multiple receive address for more privacy, before uninstalling Daedalus.

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