Paper wallet phrase lost


I have a daedalus wallet on my mac with all ADA in it. I did generate a paper wallet in daedalus with mnemonics phrases, the huge problem is I have lost the sheet of paper where I wrote down the phrases.


  • Can I transfer the funds to a new daedalus wallet and generate a new paper wallet, or I will need that phrase in order to transfer funds?


In that case you lost it for good unfortunately if you don’t have phrase

From your explanation it looks like you have two wallets:

  1. Regular wallet (12 word recovery phrase)
  2. Paper wallet (27 word recovery phrase)

Where you have your ADA? Do you see it when you open Daedalus?

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thanks @hivos

Im pretty sure it is 27 word phrase

Will check when home


hey @hivos just checked the wallet, ADA is there.


Do you mean, that you’ve restored your paper wallet /w the 27 phrases and it’s visible in Daedalus and the funds are there?
In that case you do not need the 27-word phrase, so move your funds now, by creating a normal or paper wallet and transfer your funds from the old paper wallet to the newly created one. Otherwise you lost your funds almost forever.

thanks @_ilap, just logged in and I did create test wallet, I need to have my spending password to send funds. And I do not know that. I need 12 wordphrase to recover or reset that password :frowning:

not really, I never restored my wallet with 27 phrases. I did set it up, but never was prompted to enter those, until now. However it is strange that I have to enter 12 word phrase, not 27.


Do not get confused.

  • The paper wallet has 27-word passphrase and it’s not visible in Daedalus until it’s restored.
  • The normal wallets are based on 12-word phrase.
  • The spending password only required for spending the funds.
  • If you have the 12-word phrase for that wallet then you can recover it without the need of spending password.
  • if you do not have the phrase and you do not know the spending password then you’re probably out of luck.

Im certain i generateda paper wallet 27 phrase.
Can I still sel my ADA without it?

Upload a screenshot of the main screen of your Daedalus, though mask out the funds, with some image editor.
I am pretty sure, that it’s not from 27-word phrase or you’ve restored your paper wallet as the Daedalus does not creates a wallet when you generating paper wallet, as it would be vulnerable, as your keys will be in Daedalus (hot wallet), that’s why there is the paper-wallet feature (cold storage) to have your private keys off the computer.

If you can see your funds in Daedalus they are not on a paper wallet. Maybe you created a paper wallet but didn’t transfer any funds to it?

As _ilap states, if you have the seed words to the wallet with your ADA, you can restore your wallet and set a new spending password.

If you do not have the seed words and you do not know the spending password then those funds are locked in that wallet forever, until you find or remember one of those.

It’s so important that people keep the seed words safe, the wallets do tell you this, plus they wont let you create the wallet without confirming you have written them down in the right order.

Thank you for the input

I can see the funds in my original digital wallet, and all the transfers that were made to it. I did create the paper wallet with 27 phrases, however I lost it. And there is no chance I remember those. As I understand if funds are in my digital wallet, I have not transferred it to my paper wallet, and I can still sell my ADA, correct?

Yes, they are in your Deadalus wallet so you can send them to whatever you like.
Just forget about the paper wallet if there is nothing on it.

Deadaus wallet has 12 words, (so you recovered this one).
Deadalus Paper wallet has 27 words.

thank you, however now my question is: the 12 word phrase that is generated with every new digital wallet that is created in the same Daedalus, is somehow related to Spending Password when you want to transfer funds from the first initial wallet to that new wallet that was just created? Sorry about the question, however this is a bit confusing.

Yes, you need the spending password (SP) whenever you send ADA from one wallet to another. It’s quite simple really, the SP is required for sending/spending and for generating new addresses, nothing else.

ok, but where do I get that SP password from?

When you create a wallet 12 words are given to you, these you must write down.
These are to recover your wallet.

After you write down the words you are asked by Deadalus to create a password, you think of a password on your own. This is not given to you. So you entered a password that you made up by yourself when you created the wallet.

If you can’t remember the spending password, but have the 12 words to recover. You can delete Deadalus and download it again, install it, and recover your wallet with the 12 words.
After the recovery you must make up a new spending password again.

Thank you, the problem is that i cannot remember the PS and neither the 12 words for teh original wallet I did set up initially. So as I understand from all comments my ADA is locked in the wallet, and I cannot send it anywhere or sell it? Thanks